Getting the most for your home or property means more than putting a “For Sale” sign out front. In a competitive market, your property needs to stand out and be seen in a variety of places. This means working with a top professional.

Selecting the right real estate agent is the most important step in getting ready to sell your home!  Interview a few agents and find the one with good references and experience that you are most comfortable with.  If you give us the opportunity, we are confident you will see the advantages of working with us!

Just as with buying a home, there are specific steps involved in selling a home. What you see below are the basics.  We will, of course customize the process to meet the needs of each individual client.

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Step 1:  Selling Goals

Why are you selling and what do you expect to accomplish?  Explore your short and long-term goals and decide how selling your house fits into these goals.

Step 2:  Determine a Pricing Strategy

Your agent will help you determine the best possible selling price for your home by taking into account the local market, the condition of your home, and sales of comparable homes in your neighbourhood.  A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) will help guide you to the best fair market price.  It is hard for sellers to be completely objective but setting a price that is far too high won’t result in a sale.

Step 3:  Ready your home for sale

First impressions are very important and you only get to make it once!  Your agent can assist you in looking at your home from a buyer’s perspective and make any recommendations needed to get your home “show ready” – both inside and out. Paint, if necessary, organize closets and kitchen cabinets, make your home look as spacious as possible and de-clutter!

Step 4:  Get the Word Out

Your agent will work with you to establish a marketing strategy specially for your home.  The objective is to expose your home to the most qualified buyers possible.

Step 5:  Show your Home

Wherever possible, accept all showing requests and plan to be out of the house during each showing to allow potential buyers to feel comfortable.  Remove pets if you can and open curtains, turn on lights – ensure your home is in the best possible showing condition for every viewing.

Step 6:  Receive Purchase offers and Negotiate

The first thing an agent will try to do is make sure that a buyer presenting an offer is qualified to do so.    Your agent will lead you through the offer, making sure you understand the terms and know what your options are.

Once both parties have signed an offer, the document becomes legally binding so ask your agent any questions or concerns you have up front!

Step 7:  Prepare to Close

A formal appraisal may be required, a survey, a home inspection and perhaps repairs as a result of the inspection may need to be completed.  Your agent will lead the charge with all of these activities.

Step 8:  Close the Deal

A few days prior to closing you will meet with your lawyer to review documents and statements of adjustment.  You should be making a list now of thing to do like notifying utilities and service contracts and making notes for the new owner along with service contracts and operating manuals.

Free Home Evaluation

The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that a Buyer is willing to pay.  To assist you in determining the correct asking price, we will provide you with a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) of comparable properties sold and offered for sale in your neighbourhood. Complete this form to get us started.  We would also be happy to assess your home in person.

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